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Janedu Pottanimpukona
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Album: Devotional
Tag: other
Janedu Pottanimpukona Chikkula Nonduchoo
Koti Vidyalan Puniga Niranerchi
Paripoorna Sukhambunu Pondaleka
Ee Manavajaathi Lokamuna Mroggaga Netikee

Ee Paratparuni Dhyanamu Cheyu Bhaktulaku
Darini Choopaka Unne Manava.......!!! Manava.......!!!

Swami explains in this poem
" How Man struggles in his life just to fill his belly, he embarks upon learning many subjects and skills but even after he fails to attain complete everlasting happiness."

Swami tells in all His compassion that when devotees contemplate and meditate upon Him why will He not show the path to everlasting happiness.