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Sarva Velala
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Album: Devotional
Tag: other
Sarva Velala Sarvatra Barimiyunna
Atma Kanipinchadelako Andru Janulu
Paalayandunna Vennanu Korinantha Pondagaluguduraa
Sarvulu Anandamoppaa.

Meaning :
At All Times and At all Places ATMA exists,
People wonder, then why is ATMA not Visible!
Can We Get Butter From Milk Instantly?
Oh Blissful One!!!

Swami very subtly tells in this poem that " if you have to have the vision of the ATMA, we need to put in effort. Just like how only after churning the milk you extract the butter, the same way you need to do SADHANA in order to see the all PERVASIVE ATMA or the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.