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Pani Paatulande
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: dDevotional
Album: Devotional
Tag: telugu
Pani Patulande Nee Brathukanta Tellare Idiye Jivitamani Enchinara
Mudu Putala Yandu Bhujiyinchi Triptiga Idiye Jivitamani Encinara
Manavatvamu Challaga Nidurinchi Sramanu Dirchudamanni Dindu Kosame Janiyinchinara
Kadu ,
Jivita Rahasya Merugatulaku Indukosame Devudijanma Icchinadu
Telivitetalu Galigiyu Telusukonaga Kalamantayu Uraka Gadapanela
Manishivai Inkapainanu Brathukavayya.

Meaning :
Your entire life has been amidst the daily errands for living
Have you believed that this is the way to lead a life?
Having sumptuous meals thrice a day,
Have you believed that this is the way to lead a life?
By keeping human nature to a peaceful sleep,
are you only born to direct all efforts for taking rest?!

Not at all!

But, to know the secret of this life
For this purpose alone God granted this life
You are not knowing this fact inspite of having the faculty of intellect
Why do you vile away the entire time?
Henceforth live on by being Human!