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Hey Govind Hey Gopala
Singer: Spoorthi Rao
Music: Sant Suradas
Tag: carnatic
Hey Govind hey Gopal
Hey Govind rakho sharan
Aab to jivan hari --(2)

Neer pivan heytu gayo (went there with intetion to get water)
Sindhu ke kinare (at the river bank)
Sindhu beech basat grah (in the river resides a crocodile)
Charan dhari pachhare (caught by the leg and thrown)
Hey Govind hey Gopal

Chaar prahar yudha bhayo(fought for four Prahars (1 prahar= 3hrs?))
Ley gayo mazdhare (took (me) to mid stream)
Naak Kaan Dooban lagey (Nose and ear started to submerge)
Krishna ko pukare (asking Lord Krishna to help)
Hey Govind Hey Gopal

Dwarika me Sabd gayo(message went to Dwarika)
Shor bhayo bhare ( caused comotion)
Shankh Chakra Gada Padma, Garud ley sidhare
Sur kahe shyam suno sharan hai tihare
(Surdas says Shyam we are at your mercy)
Aab ki bar paar karo, Nand ke dulare
(please help this time, O! beloved son of Nand)
Hey Govin Hey Gopal