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Unnadaya Devudunnadaya - God Exists
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Album: Devotional
Tag: telugu
Unnadaya Devudunnadaya Kannulaku Kanipinchakunnadaya
God exists. He exists without being visible to our naked eyes.

Lokala Cheekatlu Pokarpa Ravi Chandru Deepalu Gaganana Trippuchunnadaya
In order to dispel the darkness of the world, He is there and is rotating the lamps called the Sun & the Moon in the sky.

Lakshaladiganunna Nakshatramulanella Nela Raalpaka Minta Nilpuchunnadaya
He is there by holding the lakhs of stars in the sky without dropping them onto the ground.

Ee Dharuni Chakramirusu Lekundaga Yellavelala Tippichunnadaya
He is there rotating the wheel of time constantly at all times without breaking it.

Jeetabhatyamu Leka Preetitho Manakoraku Gaalitho Suruteelu Visaredaya
Without receiving any salary, He is there giving us the wind for us just out of love towards us.

Adhaarameleka Alararuchunnatti Akasamunu Apuchunnadaya
He is there stopping the sky from falling that is drifting without any support.

Pongi Poraluchu Vachhi Prudhvi Pai Padakunda Kadalirayuni Kaallu Mudichadaya
He is there by tying the legs of the ocean so that it doesnt overflow and cover the land.

Kanipinchakemi Chesthunnadaya?
What is He Doing by Hiding?

Terachatu Taanundi Tera Mundu Prajanunchi Taitakkaladinchuchunnadaya
He is there behind the curtain, placing people in front of the curtain, making us all dance to His tunes.