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Adugu Aduguna Sairam
Singer: Sai Students
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Album: Devotional
Tag: telugu
Adugu Aduguna Sairam Ani Piliche Bhakthula Sandoham
Puttaparthi Lo Velasina Devuni Pedavulapai Chiru Darahasam
Adugu Aduguna Sairam Ani Piliche Bhakthula Sandoham
Sairam Sairam (2)

Ramunigaa Avatharamu Dalchi Swami Vacchinadi Rushulake Telusu
Krushnunigaa Prabhavinchina Naadu Daivamu Neevani Evariki Telusu?
Devude Nenani Ee Ilalo Chinanaatane Chaatithivayya
Sairam Sairam (2)

Raajulu Ayina Pedalu Ayina Desaalele Nethalu Ayina
Ahvanamulu Pamparu Evaru, Adesamulandincharu Evaru
Andaru Needari Cherudure Talli Premanu Pondedare
Sairam Sairam (2)

Baashalu Veru, Jaathulu Veru Puttinia Perigina Chotulu Veru
Samskruthi Veru Pujalu Veru Sampradayamula Teerule Veru
Sairam Sairam (2)

Ramzan Christmas Deewali
Prati Pandugaku Sai Ye Maali
Sevanu Penche Premanu Panchu
Mukthimargamidiyani Grahinchu
Manchiye Kulamu, Mamtaye Matamu
Maanavude Maadahavudani Grahiyinchu
Ninu Darsinchina Evaraina Nee Margamune Sagudurayya
Sairam Sairam (2)

At every step there are devotees calling out the name Sairam
There is a benevolent smile on the lips of the lord of Puttaparthi

Only the rishis knew that swami has taken the human form as Rama and descended on this earth
When you came down as lord Krishna who knew that you are the lord himself
As a young lad himself You declared that You are the Lord who came down to earth

Be it a king or a pauper.
Be it the leaders who are ruling the countries
No one sends them an invitation nor any one is ordered to come
Yet all flock to Your divine presence and receive the love of a mother

Languages are different, tribes are different.
The places where they are born and brought up are different
Cultures are different. The way they worship is different, the traditions each follows are very distinct
Be it Ramzaan, Christmas or Deewali for all of them Sai is the God

Share the love that develops and blossoms into service.
Know that this the path to liberation
Goodness is the caste, affection and love are the religions.
Understand that God is in every man.
Whoever has had your darshan/ seen you, they will tread your path( of love and service)