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Vasudaiva Kutumbakam - Tilang
Lyricist: V. Sadasivan
Tag: carnatic
jagadēva kuṭumbakam vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam

yēṣāmatiśarmadā sarvān prati sarvadā garvādyatidūragā bhāntī hṛdayē dayā ।
tēṣāmamalātmanāṃ yātā vasudhāmbatāṃ pitṛtāṃ gatamambaraṃ jagadēva kuṭumbakam ॥ 1 ||

jātyādiṣu ḍambaraṃ hitvā viśvambharam paśyan samavīkṣaṇaḥ sañcara suvicakṣaṇa ।
cintaya hṛdi śaṅkaraṃ santatamabhayaṅkaram gatabhēdaviḍambakaṃ vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam || 2 ||

jahatāmasamānatāṃ jagatāṃ vahatāṃ mudāṃ hṛdayē sakalātmatām smaratāṃ caratāṃ satām ।
satataṃ śubhakāriṇāṃ bhayaśōkanivāriṇāṃ sakalēṣvanukampayā jagadēti kuṭumbatām ॥ 3 ||

The World itself is one family! The entire Earth is one family!

Those whose hearts incessantly exude compassion that confers happiness towards everyone at all times and is afar from pride and the like; for such immaculate souls, Earth unfurls as the mother and the Sky unfolds as the father. This World becomes one family, thus!

O capable one! Having discarded the entanglement or pride in castes and the likes, beholding the all-sustaining Lord Vishnu in your heart, travel ahead with equal-mindedness. Meditate in your heart, upon Lord Shiva, the bestower of eternal fearlessness, the One who has renounced all sorts of differences and contempt. Thus, the entire Earth becomes one family (free of contempt and conflicts)!

Those who relinquish inequalities and only spread cheer to the world, those who consider all living beings as ‘Atman’ in their hearts; (Those who) Incessantly extend auspiciousness and resolve the fear and misery of others, and trot the globe like virtuous people, they extend their compassion to everyone by which the entire World becomes their family!