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Chukkalanniyu Brahma
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Album: Devotional
Tag: telugu
Chukalanniyu Brahma - Suryundu Oka Brahma
Chandrudananu Brahma - Jalamu Brahma
Swargamannanu Brahma - Vaikunthamadi Brahma
Thalliyu Brahmaye - Thandri Brahma
Bhagyambadi Brahma - Vaallakhyamadi Brahma
Jeevinchutadi Brahma - Jeevi Brahma
Puttinchunadi Brahma - Poshinchunadi Brahma
Gittinchunadi Brahma - Gruhini Brahma
Kaalamanthayu Brahma - Kaayambu Brahma
Prakruthi Anthayu Brahma - Manah Prema Brahma
Sarvamunu Brahma - Ee Sabhayu Brahma
Sathyamunu Thelpunatti Ee Sai Brahma

Inthakantenu Vereddi Erugaparathu
Sadhu Sadgunaganyulau Sabhyulara!

Meaning :
The stars are Brahma
The Sun is Brahma
The Moon is Brahma
Water is Brahma
Heaven is Brahma
Vaikuntha is Brahma
Mother is Brahma
Father is Brahma
Fortune is Brahma
Power is Brahma
All living beings are Brahma
The Individual is Brahma
The Creator is Brahma
The Sustainer is Brahma
The Destroyer is Brahma
The Homemaker is Brahma
All Times are Brahma
The body is Brahma
Nature is Brahma
Our Love is Brahma
Everything is Brahma
This gathering is Brahma
The Disseminator of this Truth is Sai
Sai indeed is Brahma

There is nothing more to be known than this!
August assembly of good and noble ones!