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Tauba Tauba Nafs Magroor Hai
Singer: A.R. Rehman
Music: A.R. Rehman
Lyricist: Mehboob
Tag: other
khud se mai jag ladataa hun sab se ye kahataa hun
(i am fighting war with myself, i say this to everyone that)

chaaro or jo hotaa hai us se mai gussaa hun
(whatever is happening all around, i am angry at that)

taubaa-taubaa nafs magarur hai
(god forbid, our soul has become proudy)

taubaa-taubaa sach se dur hai
(god forbid, it has gone away from the truth)

taubaa-taubaa dil benur hai
(god forbid, the heart is without enlightenment)

taubaa-taubaa kaisaa daur hai
(god forbid, what times are these)

kab aayegaa vaqt vo nayaa
(when will that novel time come)

kab paayege sab dil ki aazaadi ko
(when will everybody achieve the freedom of heart)

kab aayegi vo pyaari-pyaari ek subah
(when will that lovely dawn will come)

daulat badhati hai roz to amiro ki hi
(as the wealth of just the rich persons is increasing day by day)

bhukh badhati hai roz hi garibo ki
(similarly, the hunger of poor persons is increasing day by day)

vaado se tar zubaan vaqt milate hi par
(whenever the time comes the tongue drenched with empty promises)

gungi ho jaati hai un rahabaro ki
(of those street looters become mute)

chalate hai akad ke ye zami pe
(they walk erect on this land)

bhule hai ki jaanaa hai ek din us zami me
(they have forgotten that they have to go to that land some day)

dhabbaa hai dhabbaa ki jaise chaand pe dhabbaa
(this is a black spot, as if one spot is there on the face of the moon)

dhokhaa ye dhokhaa dete hai khud ko dhokhaa
(deception, they are deceiving themselves)

socho-socho zaraa kaafi hai ek shamaa
(think a little, one candle is enough)

jis se jal uthati yahaan lakho shamaa
(from which a million candles get lit here)

saari duniyaa badal jaayegi yaaro par
(entire world will get transformed, friends, but, for that to happen)

hai zaruri badalanaa bas ek kaa
(it is mandatory for just one person to get transformed)

muskuraa ke dekhanaa bhi neki
(it is a good deed to look at somewhen with a smile on your lips)

logo ki raaho se patthar hataanaa neki
(it is a good deed to remove stones from the pathways of people)

sajadaa tu sajadaa duniyaa ko naa kar sajadaa
(salutation, you dont salute to the world)

sajadaa ho sajadaa bas naam-e-khudaa kaa sajadaa
(salutation, only in the name of god you should salute)