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Its Gonna Be Alright
Music: Leslie Lewis
Lyricist: Leslie Lewis
Tag: other
Parulanu Vedanu Patita Pavana.......
just when i am down you came around
you used your magic smile on loney cloud
I am in love again

youre mama says yes
youre dada says no
somehow you work around and let it go
now you mind till end
look all around the sky is blues
only one lady is not to me is you

knowledge will met my dream of reality
love you.

didnt take much time I was so sure
left my heart was the only one you love could cure
now i am nowhere for sure
one little boy with the smile so sweet
captured your heart from very first time you meet

look around the life complete
music and love is all that I need
now we will make some music and will make some loving together .

you are the one I live for, the one right my heart beats for
looking to my eyes and telling you
that i am only one you can fall
love me forever lady

music of love stay my heart
light up my love never too far
music and love is soul all I ever need, I need you

Look all around the sky is all blue
only one lady is got to be you
lady you make all dream of reality
we love you

our love is gonna be all way
our love is gonna be all alright
our love is everything you needs girl