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Aise Dhale Raat Re
Singer: Anandi Joshi
Lyricist: Shivam Pathak
Tag: hindi
Aise Dhale Raat Re
Jaise Jale Yaad Re
Aake Mil Aaja Sathi Re
Aake Mil Aaja Sathi Re

Sehme Chiraag Hai
Dabi Dabi Aag Hai
Sandesha Leja Pakhi Re
Sandesha Leja Pakhi Re

Mere Ghar Char Peheli Si Subha
Ik Ummid Nayi
Lake Mujhe De De Pakhi Re
Udd Udd Jaa Re Pakhi Re

Jiya Pal Pal
Jiya Jal Jal
Bujh Hi Jaye Na Piya Bina

Dhua Dil Hai Dhua
He Yahan Suni Suni Suni Hai Fiza.