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Hara Shiva Shankara Bholey Nath
Singer: Sai Students
Music: Bhajan
Lyricist: Bhajan
Album: Sai Bhajans
Tag: bhajan
Hara Shiva Shankara Bholey Nath Shirdi Pureeshwara Sai Nath
Shiva Shiva Shankara Bholey Nath Parthi Pureeshwara Sai Nath
Phani Bhooshana Shiva Gowri Nath
Parama Sumangala Sai Nath
Girija Ramana Paramananda Samadhipriya Ganga Nath

Meaning :
Chant the name of Lord Shiva who is none other than Lord Sai of Parthi. The Lord of Gowri is adorned with a cobra, is always blissful and is the delight of Girija (Parvathi). He bears the river Ganges, bestows auspiciousness and rejoices in the bliss of meditation.