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Raktamu Mamsha Shalyamula
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Tag: telugu
Raktamu Mamsa Shalyamula Rashiyu Dehamu Meeru Kaadu
Suvyaktamu Kaani Korikalu Vyakta Manassunu Meeru Kaadu
Muktiki Bandhakaaramagu Mohapu Bhrantiyu Meeru Kaadu
Mee Shaktini Meererungagala Shasvathudau Paramatma Meeregaa
Paramaatmudu Meeregaa…Paramaatma Meeregaa…

Meaning :
Swami explains in this Poem - " Significance of Human Birth in realising the reality of Divinity within ".

Birth as Human is more valuable when compared with other Living Beings.
Birth as Human Being among all other creatures is difficult to get.
Human is the only one among all creatures who has the ability to become Almighty.
Human is not coming out of the illusion, that what he is :; what he isn"t.
When Real Reality is realized, that is Liberation.