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Wishing Happy New Year
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Tag: telugu
A Letter to Prof. Kasturi from The Bhagawan :

" Karunimpa Neekante Ghanudevvadani Kadaa! Yashrayinchithi Nee Padambujambulu ",

I firmly believe there is none kinder than You, to shower Grace on me.
Tell me, is this not the reason why I am at Your Lotus feet?

" Morapettukonna Vammu Jeyavanigadaa Eligethi Pilichithi Ipudu NInnu ",

I firmly believe You will respond quick When I do pray and plead.
Tell me, is this not the reason why I am crying aloud for You?

" Nedi Vachhinanu Neeveyuntivani Kadaa Nammithi Ninu Naa Manambulona ",

I firmly believe You are ever beside me To guide my steps aright.
Tell me, is this not the reason why I am Yours through day and night?

" Arthinchinapudu Ledananeravanigadaa Chetuloggithi Needu Chittamunaku ",

I firmly believe You can never say No Whatever I ask from You.
Tell me, is this not the reason why I long for a glance from You?

" Yemi Talachukonti Nannepudinka Nuddarimpakayunta Nee Yuhayemi
Enta Kalambu Ninnu Nenitlugoluthu Epudu? Neeveludaaka Nenitle Niluthu ".

What have You designed for me this time? Why this dire delay to offer boons?
However long You make me wait and wail
I will not leave. I will be standing still
Until Your loving eyes do turn to me.