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Sankranthi Special
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Tag: telugu
Dinakarudu Shanthudai Thoche Dinamulintha Kuruchalayyenu
" The sun appears in all his serenity, The days have become shorter."

Chaligaali Churuku Hecche Polamulan Redi Gruddi Vennelalona
" The chill wind is blowing in The Fields of Dim Moonlight. "

Kuppalan Oorchu Kaapulu Gonthuletthi Padamulan Paadathodaguduru
" Farmers are singing folk lores from the fields while threshing and winnowing the crops. "

Janapachelaku Muthyaala Sarulu Goorchi Mirapa Pandlaku Kunkuma Merupu Daalchi
" Jute crop bedecked with string of beautiful flowers, Chills radiating with the color of vermillion. "

Banthi Puvvula Mohamu Allalantha Vippi
Mana Gruhambula Dhaanya Sampadala Nilpi
Sarasuraalaina Sankranthi Pandugocche
Sarasuraalaina Pushyamaasambu Vacche.

" The blossoming beauty of marigold flowers
Having filled our homes with rich harvest
The sweet festival of Sankranti has arrived
The sweet Month of Pushya has arrived. "