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Singer: Sona Family
Music: Akbar Sami
Tag: Hindi
ye eye o
ek galasy do glasy tin glasy char
ek galasy do glasy tin glasy char
laga laga jani waka
whenever we start, meet in sapha
meet syrop, lele soda water
yahi night night while you sipping on a diamond vouher
yara chali on hero honda,brandy chali punjabi style
whose a fight now, kyo pind wich, have no fear
rabbo gal, sapochi gal

ek galasy do glasy tin glasy char,
if your jam is ready dont involve it so fat you about
it is weak and too much whose thus which you girls
somebody is all of you my barand you choose
make one night and calm down
khush at the club and pay instor no
go in back to the
ek galasy do glasy tin glasy char