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Bang Bang Bangkok
Lyricist: Devi Sri Prasad
Album: Kumari 21F
Tag: Telugu
sawadee ka

music ok disco ok move it ok
slowly slowly

party party party lets together party
cuty cuty cuty baby come on shake your booty
naughty naughty naughty memanta chala naughty
come on baby come on baby lets get dirty

bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bangkok
ra brother-u super weather-u lets relax and rock
sing song ping pong ding ding dong dong ding dong
em cheyyalo cheseddam ika anni rightey nothing wrong

same same but diffelent[different]
no money no honey
good boy goes to heaven
bad boy goes to bangkok

walking street lona masti cheyyale are
rocking club lo dance iragadiyyale mare
vodka bottle moota open cheyyale ila
full ga nizam cheyyale mind lo unde prati kala

massa ok sandwitch ok happy ok
slowly slowly

private boat lona moon light night lona
sea lo center kelli wanna have a bash
thailand pakistan o pakka china kajikistan o pakka
sun light vachche varaku wanna have a romantic clash

tuk tuk ok go go ok boom boom ok
slowly slowly

same same but diffelent [different]
no money no honey
good boy goes to heaven
bad boy goes to bangkok