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Ringu Ringu Mantu
Singer: Sreejo
Lyricist: Sreejo
Tag: telugu
Ring Ring Ring RinguMabbuloodhi Choodu
Entha Gammattho
Swing Swing Swing Swing Your Party
Andhi Naatho King Cigarette

Smokie Sun Rise Kaavaali Suprabhathavela
It’s Cute Crime
Anduke Malli Malli Cheyyala

Rendu Vella Madhya Unna Universe
Nenu Vadhili Raanu
Devuda Deenikanna Porinaina

Oh Baby Let Me Get
Little High On You
You Burn n Fly Me
To Galaxy Without A Clue
You Run My Mind And
I Know You Play Me Too

Are Inthakanna Secret
Antu Ledhu Guru