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Basanti No Dance
Music: Ajay-Atul
Tag: hindi
No no no..

Basanti no dance no no no
In front of these dogs no no no x (2)

Holi hai bhai holi hai
Sabki holi holi hai
Teri holi, meri holi
Sabki holi happy hai

Hey Rnglish kidhar hai
Holi English
Happy bhi English yaar

Me kahenga English mein taako
Taake nahi sasura
Dil Bihari speaking bhaasha
Jaane naahi doosra

He told me, you told him
I told you no tell her
I told her no tell you
So tell me to tell you
She told him to tell her

Ye le teri English!

Ye gazab duniya ka funda
Fikar me not chinta
Ghalat English bhale hi
We will gaadenge jhanda
They throwing inta
We throwing rocks
They phenking inta
You throwing rocks

Basanti no dance
In front of these dogs no no no x (4)

No no no