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Parama Pavana Bharatavani
Music: Devotional
Lyricist: Devotional
Tag: telugu
Parama Pavanamaina Bharatavaniyandu Sahanamannade Manaku Chakkadanamu
Vrathamulannitanu Vanneganchinayatti Ghana Sathya Seelame Kathina Tapamu
Mathura Bhavambedi Mana Desamandanna Mathrubhavamu Kante Manyamedhi
Pranambu Kantenu Manambe Ghanamanu Mana Desa Neethini Mantagalipi
Netikichhiri Paradesa Neethularasi Vesa Vichithra Swechhayanu Vichhukathi

Aura! Yemandu Bharatha Paalanambu
Enugettula Thana Balamerugaledo
Attulainaru Bharatheeyulu Nedu

Meaning :
In The most Sacred Land of Bharath Forbearance is the real Beauty for Us
Of all the Observed Vows, The Adherence to Truth & Character are considered the Finest of Austerities,
In Our Country, Is there a Sweet Feeling Nobler than Love(Respect) for One"s Mother?
Here, more valuable than Life itself is One"s Honor such a Country"s Principles are Discarded Today.
By Embracing the Foreign Culture of Free Will that"s given to Us which is but an Unsheathed Dagger.
Oh! What a Pity!! Bharatiyas(Indian"s), Today, are Like the Elephant that is Unaware of Its Strength!!