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Samudrala Junior

Samudrala Ramanujacharya, also known as Samudrala Junior (1923 – 31 May 1985) was an Indian film screenwriter, and lyricist known for his works in Telugu cinema. Samudrala Jr. is the son of veteran screenwriter Samudrala Raghavacharya. Films : Bratuku Teruvu (1953 film) (lyricist) Thodu Dongalu (1954) (dialogue) Panduranga Mahatyam (1957) Sahasra Siracheda Apoorva Chinthamani (1960) (adaptation) (dialogue) Sabash Raja (1961) (dialogue) (story) Bhishma (1962) Gulebakavali Katha (1962) (adaptation) (dialogue) Paruvu Prathishta (1963) (dialogue) Bhama Vijayam (1967) Bala Bharatam (1972) Neramu Siksha (1973) (dialogues and lyrics) Shri Datta Darshanam (1985)