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Veena Kuppayyar

Veena Kuppayyar (1798–1860) was an exponent of Veena and a composer of Carnatic music. He was a student of the famous composer Tyagaraja. Kuppayar composed his songs in Telugu language and has left behind a number of popular kritis. Veena Kuppayya was born in a Telugu Brahmin family in Tiruvottiyur, near Chennai. His father Sambamoorthi Sastri was a famous vocalist as well as a veena player. Kuppayyar had his initial training from his father. Later he continued his musical training under Thyagaraja and learnt the art of music composition from him. Kuppayyar later moved to Chennai and sought the patronage of the local ruler Kovur Sundara Mudaliar. Kuppayyar trained a lot of disciples, who carried forward the legacy of Thyagaraja, helping to spread his krithis. Veena Kuppayyar was a talented veena player. He also learnt the violin, a new instrument to Carnatic Music at that time. He composed many varnams and krithis in particular. The most famous varnam was Sami Ninne in Shankarabharanam. When he was in his height of composing, he received the title of Asthana Vidwan. His mudra was Gopala Dasa, in honour of his personal deity. Compositions with Raga : Koniyadina Na Pai Kopamu Seyanera Gadu- Kambhoji Sami Ninne Kori- Sankarabharanam Vinayaka Ninu Vina Brochutaku Veraravaru Ra - Hamsadhwani Ninnu Kori Unnanu Ra- Mohanam