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Mani Gopal , popularly known by his pen name, Vanamali, is a Telugu lyricist and poet. He is the recipient of the prestigious Filmfare Best Lyricist Award. His works include the musical hit Arerey from Happy Days. He holds a Ph.D in Telugu literature from Madras University. Dr. Mani Gopal was born in Railway Kodur in Andhra Pradesh. His mother tongue is Tamil. He is always interested in many arts, particularly singing. He took up writing seriously while he was in his degree final year. He never had any ambitions of taking up any form of art seriously and it was the emphasis of his parents on education right from the childhood that made him a voracious reader and motivated him to go ahead with education. Vanamali has earned his Ph.D with High Honours in Telugu literature. He wrote his first composition which was sung by Vijayalaksmi Sarma in a program in Doordarshan. After that he joined as a reporter in Sitara, a Telugu film weekly and worked there for almost 10 years. During this time he developed his interest towards Telugu movies and is one of the leading lyricists and songwriters in Tollywood. He has worked closely with musical maestros such as Harris Jayaraj, A. R. Rahman and Ilaiyaraaja. Awards : 2007 - Nandi Award - Best Lyricist - Happy Days - "Oh My Friend" Filmfare Awards Best Lyricist – Telugu "Arerey" 2010 Filmfare Awards Best Lyricist – Telugu Arya 2 "Karigeloga Jeevitam" Nominated 2011 Filmfare Awards Best Lyricist – Telugu Orange "Nenu Nuvantu" 2012 South Indian International Movie Awards Best Lyricist Life Is Beautiful "Amma Ani Kothaga" 2013 Filmfare Awards Best Lyricist – Telugu 2014 Filmfare Awards Best Lyricist – Telugu Manam "Kanulanu Thake" 2014 Filmfare Awards Best Lyricist – Telugu Karthikeya "Saripovu Koti" 2004 Sivaputrudu All songs Telugu-dubbed version of Pithamagan 2007 Happy Days 2008 Avakai Biryani 2009 Oy! "Waiting For You", "Anukoledenadu", "Povadhe Prema" Arya 2 "Karige Loga", "Karige Loga (D-Plugged)" 2010 Enthiran "Neelo Valapu" Maro Charitra "Premaney Peray", "Ninnu Nannu" Prasthanam "Nee Rendallo", "Innalluga", "Naayudochaadoe", "Murali Lola" Gaayam 2 "Kalagane Kannullo" Orange "Chilipiga", "Nenu Nuvvantu", "O Range", "Rooba Rooba" 2011 Ko "Aga Naga" (Tamil version); All songs (Telugu version) 180 All songs 2012 Roudram Life Is Beautiful "Beautiful Girl", "Amma Ani Kothaga" Ninnu Choosthe Love Vasthundi All songs except "Bathing at Cannes" Telugu-dub version of Engeyum Kadhal O Manasa All songs 2013 Kadali All songs NH4 2014 DK Bose Manam "Kanulanu Thaake" Karthikeya "Saripovu" 2015 Nene 2017 Fidaa "Hey Pillagaada", "Hey Mister" 2019 Majili "Ye Manishike Majili o" 2019 Bandobast "Hey Amigo" "Telugu Dubbed Version of Kaappaan"