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Sahil Sultanpuri

Sahil Sultanpuri was Born at District Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh) on 01 January 1967. He is a poet cum lyrics writer at Indian Hindi Cinema (Bollywood), He known for his Lyrical work in Films Like Saat Uchakkey, Gangor, Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana, Kaali Ki Saugandh ,Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata hai, Maai (Love Your Mother) as a lyricist in the Hindi Bollywood film industry. He is one of the well known musical forces in Indian cinema, and He is an important figure in the Progressive Writers Movement, He is considered one of the finest lyrics writer in Hindi cinema. Films : Music department : 2019 Commando 3 (Lyricist) 2019 WhatsApp Love (Lyricist) 2018 De Ijaazat Rahun Tujhme (Lyricist) / (lyricist) 2018 Maal Road Dilli (Lyricist) 2018 Yeh Kaisa Tigdam (Lyricist) 2018 Terror Strike (lyricist) 2016 Saat Uchakkey (Lyricist) / (lyricist) 2015 Black Home (Lyricist) 2015 Patna Se Pakistan (Lyricist) 2014 Ho Javey Je Pyaar (Lyricist) 2014 Taanko Bhid Gayo (Lyricist) 2013 Mai (Lyricist) 2011 College Campus (Lyricist) 2010 Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata hai (lyricist) 2010 Gangor (Lyricist) 2010 Mumbai 118 (Lyricist) 2010 Mulga (Marathi Movie)2010 (Lyricist) 2006 Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana (Lyricist) 2004 30 Days (Lyricist) 2004 The Hope (Lyricist) 2001 Andheri Raatin Mein (lyricist) 2000 Kaali Ki Saugandh (Lyricist) Soundtrack : 2010 Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata hai (lyrics: "Jis Ne Spna Dekha", "Dagdu Dada Zindabad", "Main To Hoon King")