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Nakhshab Jarchvi

Nakhshab Jarchvi was born in 1925 in a small town Jarcha,Uttar Pradesh,India. His family name Jarchvi connects him back to his birth town Jarcha. He died on Aug.24,1967 in Karachi,Pakistan. Nakhshab had started his film career back in the 1940"s in Bombay, British India as a film songs lyricist and a film writer. He shot to fame in 1945,when film Zeenat (1945)was released and its Qawwali song became an instant super hit in British India. It was sung for the first time in India, by an all female qawwali singing group including Noor Jehan. Lyrics were written by Nakhshab Jarchvi, Then he became more well-known by writing film song lyrics for another super-hit musical film Mahal (1949). Nakhshab got into Filmmaking-Producer-Director and Writer. He made Nagma (1953)and a musical hit Zindagi Ya Toofan (1958)and some other movies.Then he decided to migrate to Pakistan in 1962 to produce films there. In Pakistan,he made 2 films Fanoos (1963)and then Maikhana (1964) before he died in Karachi,Pakistan in 1967 at a young age of 42. Films : Lyricist : 1964 Maikhana 1958 Zindagi Ya Toofan 1952 Nau Bahar 1952 Anhonee 1949 Mahal 1949 Singaar 1948 Actress 1947 Jugnu 1947 Nateeja 1947 Parwana 1945 Zeenat Director : 1964 Maikhana 1958 Zindagi Ya Toofan (as Nakshab) 1955 Raftar (as Nakshab) Producer : 1964 Maikhana Soundtrack : 1945 Zeenat (lyrics: "Aahein Na Bhareen Shikway Na Kiye, Kuchh Bhi Na Zaban Se Kaam Liya")