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Song Writers
Dr. Balantrapu Rajanikanta Rao
Balantrapu Rajanikanta Rao (29 January 1920 – 22 April 2018) was an Indian Writer, Composer and Poet ...
K. Viswanath (19 Feb 1930 – 2 Feb 2023)
Kasinadhuni Viswanath (19 February 1930 – 2 February 2023) was an Indian film director, screenwr...
Carnatic Ragas
A Raga in the simplest form is a melody made up of a specific sequence of notes rendere...
Dr. Kadri Gopalnath
Kadri Gopalnath was born on December 6, 1949 in Sajeepa Mooda village in Bantwal taluk of Dakshina ...
Parassala B. Ponnammal
Parassala B. Ponnammal (29 November 1924 – 22 June 2021) was an Indian Carnatic musician. On 23 September 2006, she sang at th...
Gajendra Verma
Gajendra Verma(20 Apr.1990) is an Indian singer, composer, lyricist and sound recordist. He came under the spotlight when he cla...
Rahul Vellal
Rahul Ravishankar Vellal or simple Rahul Vellal is a young Musical artist from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He is an Indian Carn...
Sooryagayathri is an young girl(2006) with a golden voice who is capturing the hearts of music lovers across the globe. The vide...
Anahita - Apoorva
Vocalists Anahita(December 10, 1993) and Apoorva(March 15, 1996) are among the most promising youngsters now in the Carnatic mus...
Sirasri is a very famous Lyricist in Tollywood Film Industry. He is an Indian lyricist, poet and aut...
Chaitanya Prasad
Chaitanya Prasad is an Indian lyricist and writer, who works mainly in the Telugu film industry...
Siddhant Kaushal
Siddhant Kaushal new upcoming Lyricist in Bollywood Film Industry. Films : Music depar...
Neeraj Rajawat
Neeraj Rajawat is known for his work in Bollywood Film INdustry, Films : Music depart...
Devendra Kafir
Devendra Kafir is known for S.P. Chauhan(2019) ,Gone Kesh(2019) and Junction Varanasi(2019). Films : ...
Lucky Ali
Maqsood Mehmood Ali (born 19 September 1958), better known as Lucky Ali, is an Indian si...
Aatish Kapadia
Aatish Kapadia is a well known in TV and Bollywood Film making, Writer, Actor and Lyricist. ...
Rajesh Malik
Rajesh Malik worked for very few films in Bollywood, mainly known for Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye(2000...
Hriday Deepak Gattani
Hriday Deepak Gattani (born 20 January 1991) is an Indian Playback Singer, Music Director, Songwri...
Ajnish Rai
AJNISH VISWA RAI PRASAD lives in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. Ajnish studied Hindustani Classical voc...
Tallapaka Annamacharya
Tallapaka Annamacharya (also popularly known as Annamayya) (22 May 1408 – 4 April 1503) was a...
Muthuswami Dikshitar
Muthuswami Dikshita (24 March 1775 – 21 October 1835), was a South Indian poet, singer a...
Thyagaraja Swami
Tyagaraja tyāgarāja (4 May 1767 – 6 January 1847), also known as Tyāgayya, was a renowned...
Shyama Shastri
Shyama Shastri (26 April 1762 – 1827) or Syama Sastri was a musician and composer of Carnati...
Swathi Thirunal
Svāti Tirunāḷ‍ Rāma Varma (16 April 1813 – 26 December 1846) was the Maharaja of the Kingdo...
Koteeswara Iyer
Koteeswara Iyer (1869 - 1938), was a pioneer composer of Carnatic music. He was a grandson ...
Gopala Bharati
Gopalakrishna Bharati (1810–1896) was a Tamil poet and a composer of Carnatic music. He wrote a ka...
Sri Narayana Teertha
Sri Narayana Teertha (c. 1650 – 1745 CE) was a great saint, devotee of Sri Krishna and sang many ...
Ambujam Krishna
Ambujam Krishna (1917 - 1989) was a composer of Carnatic Kritis. She has composed more than 600 kr...
Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavatar
Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavatar (15 November 1877 – 30 June 1945), commonly known as Muthi...
Prayaga Rangadasa, Malakonda Ramadasu and Yedla Ramadasu
** The compositions of Prayaga Rangadasa, Mallekonda Ramadasu and Yedla Ramadasu struggle to remain in public memory.** ...
Bhadrachala Ramadasu
Kancharla Gopanna (c. 1620 – 1680), popularly known as Bhakta Ramadasu or Bhadrachala Rama...
Mannargudi Sambasiva Bhagavathar
Mannargudi Sambasiva Bhagavathar (also spelt Bhagavathar) (1912–2004) was a Carnatic mus...
Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (27 June 1838 – 8 April 1894) was a Bengali writer, poet ...
Periyasaamy Thooran
M. P. Periyasaamy Thooran (26 September 1908 – 20 January 1987) was a patriot, Tamil poet, teac...
Sadasiva Brahmendra
Sadasiva Brahmendra was a saint, composer of Carnatic music and Advaita philosopher who liv...
Veena Kuppayyar
Veena Kuppayyar (1798–1860) was an exponent of Veena and a composer of Carnatic music. He was a s...
Papanasam Sivan
Papanasam Ramayya Sivan (26 September 1890 – 1 October 1973) was a composer of Carnatic mus...
Madurai.T.Srinivasan is a well-known figure in the field of music be it Carnatic or Cine music. The l...
Abhiruchi Chand
Abhiruchi Chand, an upcoming contemporary film writer and lyricist, most recently wrote lyric...
Raj Shekhar
Raj Shekhar is an Indian lyricist. He made his Bollywood debut as a lyricist with the 2011 film ...
Anupam Roy
Anupam Roy; born 29 March 1982) is an Indian singer, lyricist, composer and playback singer from Kolkat...
Garry Sandhu
Gurmukh Singh "Garry" Sandhu, is an Indian singer, songwriter and actor known for his work in Punjabi ...
Varun Grover
Varun Grover (born 26 January 1980) is an Indian comedian, screenwriter, lyricist, author and thinker. He wo...
Mandar Cholkar
Films : Music Department : 2020 Vajvu Band Baja (lyrics) (post-production) 2020 Bonus ...
Gurpreet Saini
Gurpreet Saini is a poet, lyricist and an actor, hailing from Chandigarh. He spent his college days on the...
Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay
Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay is a well known Lyricist cum Writer in Bollywood Film Industry. Music depa...
Alaukik Rahi
Alaukik Rahi is an Indian lyricist, writer and director who works in Bollywood. Alaukik Rahi was bor...
Girish Nakod
Girish Nakod is known for his work in Bollywood, Andhadhun (2018) and Jolly LLB 2 (2017). Fi...
Sunil Sirvaiya
Lyricist and screenwriter Sunil Sirvaiya is well-known for his work in Hindi and Marathi cinema. As a song...
Homie Dilliwala
Homie Dilliwala was born in 29 Dec 1984 in Delhi. He is an Indian lyricist writing primarily for hind...
MELLOW D, Lyricist in Bollywood Film Industry. Some of his few songs..... Films : 2...
Amjad Nadeem
Amjad Nadeem is an versatile artist in Bollywood Film INdustry. He is Composer, Lyricist and Writer. Compos...
Vicky Dhaliwal
Tarandeep Singh Dhaliwal, known professionally as Vicky Dhaliwal is an Indian-Punjabi lyricist and former K...
Tanishk Bagchi
Tanishk Bagchi (born 22 November) is an Indian music producer, composer, singer and lyricist. Haili...
Hasith Goli
Hasith Goli is well known in Tollywood Film Industry. Some of his works.... Films : Music Depart...
Praveen Bharadwaj
Praveen Bharadwaj is a well known in Bollywood Film Industry. Some of his works..... Films : ...
Ramani Bharadwaj
Ramani Bharadwaj known professionally as Bharadwaj is an Indian music director, composer, singer-so...
Kalyan Tripuraneni
Kalyan Tripuraneni is well known lyricist in Telugu Fim Industry. Sources : The Hindu His love a...
Sugat Dhanvijay
Sugat Dhanvijay is well known for his works ion Bollywood Film Industry Songs Written by Sugat Dha...
Azeem Shirazi
Azeem Shirazi is well known for his works in Bollywood Film Industry. Songs Written by Azeem Shirazi : ...
Gurdas Maan
Gurdas Maan (born 4 January 1957) is an Indian singer, songwriter, choreographer and actor mainly asso...
Vaibhav Modi
Vaibhav Modi is very famous Lyricist in Bollywood Film Industry Songs Written by Vaibhav Modi : ...
Kutti Revathi
Dr. S. Revathi (pen name: Kutti Revathi) is an Indian lyricist, poet, activist and a doctor. She ha...
Samarth Ramdas
Samarth Ramdas (c. 1608 - c. 1681), also known as Sant (saint) Ramdas or Ramdas Swami or simply ...
Raajesh Johri
Raajesh Johri (19 June 1952 – 1 March 2017) was an Indian Poet, Lyricist, Ad Film Maker, Voice Ov...
Riaz-Ur-Rehman Saghar
Riaz-Ur-Rehman Saghar (born 1 December 1941, Bathinda, Punjab, British India; died 1 June 2013...
Adnan Sami
Adnan Sami Khan (born 15 August 1971) is a British-born Indian singer, musician, music composer...
Ikka Singh
Ankit Singh Patyal, also known as IKKA and Ikka Singh, is an Indian rapper. He debuted in Bollywood wit...
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Atal Bihari Vajpayee (25 December 1924 – 16 August 2018) was an Indian politician, ...
Buddhi Chandra Agrawal Madhur or Pandit Madhur
Buddhi Chandra Agrawal Madhur or Pandit Madhur worked predominantly in Bollywood Films around 1940s ...
Sri Sai Kiran
Sri Sai Kiran is known Lyricist in Tollywood Film Industry, worked for Chi La Sow(2018) ,Rangu(2018) and D...
Indraganti Srikanth Sharma
Indraganti Srikanth Sharma(May 29, 1944 - July 25, 2019), very famous writer - Lyricist in Toll...
Rambabu Gosala
Rambabu Gosala is an Indian film Lyricist, who has worked predominantly in Telugu movie industry, prev...
Rajesh Reddy
Rajesh Reddy, enjoy ghazal on life in Hindi and know about the author. Rajesh Reddy is most popular ...
Farhat Shahzad
Farhat Shahzad, an Urdu Poet and Lyricist, mostly in Album Writer. Some of the songs pe...
Khawar Zaman
Khawar Zaman is an well known Lyricist in Bollywood during 1950s. Songs penned by Khawar Zaman.... K...
Madan Bharti
Madan Bharti worked mainly in Mythological Hindi Films. Songs Written by Madan Bharati Mohe Ang ...
Chaman Lal Chaman
He Chaman Lal Chaman is a London-based noted Punjabi poet, lyricist and radio broadcaster. H...
Surendra Sathi
Surendra Sathi is an actor, known for Maine Jeena Seekh Liya (1982), Yaar Meri Zindagi (2008) and ...
Sahil Sultanpuri
Sahil Sultanpuri was Born at District Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh) on 01 January 1967. He is a poet ...
Blaaze was born on October 15, 1975 in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India as Lakshmi Narasimha Vi...
Raqueeb Alam
Raqueeb Alam is a known Playback Singer Cum Lyricist for Kabali(2016) ,Dongri Ka Raja(2016) and Ko...
Vasant Deo
Vasant Deo (1929-1996) was an Indian writer, lyricist and screenwriter and a Hindi academic at Parle ...
Abhiruchi Chand
Abhiruchi Chand, an upcoming contemporary film writer and lyricist, most recently wrote lyrics for RSVP"s...
Shekhar Astitwa
Shekhar Astitwa is an well known Lyricist in Hindi Movies recent days. Songs Written by Shekhar Astitva Dil ...
Sudhir Nema
Sudhir Nema works for Bollywood Films, penned for very few films. Vaishnav Jan Toh Lyrics - Road ...
Payam Sayeedi
Payam Sayeedi, an Lyricist in Bollywood Film Industry. Songs Written by Payam Sayeedi..... Bhula D...
Suraj Sanim
Suraj Sanim is a well known Dialogue Writer cum Lyricist cum Actor cum Cinematographer in Bollywood, some of...
Puneet Sharma
Puneet Sharma is an well known Lyricist in Bollywood, Some of his works..... Films : Music department...
Tufail Hoshiarpuri
Tufail Hoshiarpuri is known for Chasani - Mithash Zindagi Ni(2019) ,Gulnar(1950) and Chupke Chup...
Saeed Rahi
Saeed Rahi is a well known lyricist in Bollywood Films. Songs Written by Saeed Rahi Dost B...
Sabir Jalalabadi
Sabir Jalalabadi worked for very few Films in Bollywood. Songs Written by Sabir Jalalabadi, • Aap Ko Hamne Ba- Wa...
Kaif Bhopali
Kaif Bhopali was an Indian Urdu poet and lyricist. He was a poet in the Urdu mushaira circles, and is kno...
Ishwar Chandra Kapoor
Ishwar Chandra Kapoor is a well known Lyricist of Bollywood Films during 1940s-50s. Some of the songs penn...
Panchhi Jalonvi
Panchhi Jalonvi is regular Writer, Lyricist and Music Director in Hindi films Films : Music Departm...
Penchal Das
Penchal Das is known for his work on Aravindha Sametha (2018), Yatra (2018) and Chitralahari (2019) ...
Dr. Sagar
Dr. Sagar writes predominantly for Hindi and Punjabi Songs, famous from "Bollywood Diaries" Songs, "man ka...
Kunwar Juneja
Kunwar Juneja is an Indian film Lyricist, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood. Kunwar Juneja ...
Prashant Pandey
Prashant Pandey is a well known versatile Artist cum Producer cum Lyricist. Films : Writer...
Nawab Arzoo
Nawab Arzoo is a well known in Television Series and Lyricist of Bollywood Film industry. Films : Music ...
Siddharth-Garima, Lyricist Duo of the present days Bollywood - The beauty of lyrics lies in the ...
Amir Qazalbash
Amir Qizilbash (1943 – 2003) was a famous shayar (poet) and a film songs lyricist. He was born in D...
Ramesh Chandra Pandey
Ramesh Chandra Pandey is an adverse writer cum Lyricist in Bollywood Film Industry Films : 1978 - Dhy...
Salim Bijnori
Salim Bijnori is an well known Lyricist cum Writer in The Bollywood Film Industry. Some of his work...
Deepak Sneh
Deepak Sneh is a well known lyricist in the Bollywood Film Industry. Some of his works..... Films : ...
Anjum Jaipuri
Anjum Jaipuri is a well known Lyricist of 1950s-70s, Some of his works.... Films : 1979 - Deen ...
Films : Music Department : 2013 Mokssh (lyricist) 1995 Hulchul (lyricist) 1986 Ankush (lyrici...
Ankur Tewari
Ankur Tewari is an Versatile TV Artist, Music Supervisor, Lyricist, Composer, Playback Singer and Writer. ...
Ibrahim Ashk
Ibrahim Khan Gauri (born 20 July 1951) is an Urdu poet, journalist, actor and film lyricist. He writes u...
Niranjan Iyengar
Niranjan Iyengar born in Anand, Gujarat, India, is a screenwriter and lyricist particularly known fo...
Balkavi Bairagi
Balkavi Bairagi (born Nand Ramdas Bairagi; 10 February 1931 – 13 May 2018) was a Hindi poet, fil...
Mukhram Sharma
Mukhram Sharma (29 May 1909 – 25 April 2000) was an Indian film lyricist, script, and story writer...
Dr. Safdar "Aah" Sitapuri
Dr. Safdar "Aah" Sitapuri, is a well known Lyricist, Writer and Director of Bollywood Film Industry in 194...
Khumar Barabankvi
Khumār Barabankvi (20 September 1919 – 19 February 1999) was an Urdu poet and lyricist from Bara...
Sudarshan Faakir
Sudarshan Kamra (1934 – 19 February 2008), better known by his takhallus Sudarshan Faakir, was an...
Jaleel Sherwani
Jalees Sherwani was an Indian screenwriter and lyricist. His first appearance was in the film "Kanwarlal" with Jeetendr...
Arun Bhairav
Arun Bhairav is known for his work in Bollywood Film Industry, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004), Wanted (2009) a...
Shaily Shailendra
Shaily Shailendra a noted lyricist. At the age of 17, Raj Kapoor asked him to complete his father"s(Shaile...
Neelkanth Tiwari
Neelkanth Tiwari penned the Lyrics in Bollywood Film Industry. Some of his works..... Films : 1964 Hamee...
Nakhshab Jarchvi
Nakhshab Jarchvi was born in 1925 in a small town Jarcha,Uttar Pradesh,India. His family name Jarchvi...
Kafeel Azar
Kafeel Azar is an well known Dialoguue Writer and Lyricist in Bollywood Film Industry. Some of his works...
Manoj Kumar/Bharat Kumar
Manoj Kumar was born on July 24, 1937 in Abbottabad, North-West Frontier Province, British Ind...
Kailash Kher
Kailash Kher is an Indian playback singer and music composer, he sang songs with a music style ...
Sajid - Farhad
Sajid-Farhad are an Indian film director and writer duo consisting of Sajid Samji and Farhad ...
Prashant Ingole
Prashant Ingole is an well known Lyricist, Writer and Director in Bollywood Film Industry. Films : M...
Mustafa Zahid
Mustafa Zahid (born 18 December 1984) is a Pakistani music composer who achieved success with his 200...
Irfan Siddiqui
Irfan Siddiqui was born in Karachi(Jan 1, 1986) writing primarily for Bollywood songs/Albums. Fil...
Zameer Kazmi
Zameer Kazmi is an eminent Lyricist in the Bollywood Film Industry, worked for very few Films......
Arafat Mehmood
Arafat Mehmood is an Indian Hindi Film Lyricist, Composer and Writer. Some of his works..... Films ...
Kuku Prabhas
Kuku Prabhas is an eminent Story Writer, Lyricist and Screenplay in Bollywood Film Industry. 30 Oct 2015 - ...
Dr. Ramesh Shastri
Dr.RAMESH SHASTRI (2 August 1935-30 April 2010) , poet & Lyricist. He wrote a very popular song fr...
Mudassar Aziz
Mudassar Aziz is an Indian film director, songwriter, screenplay and dialogue writer. Some of his works......
Anjum Pilibhiti
Anjum Pilibhiti is a Bollywood Lyricist, worked on very few films.... Films : 1958 Akash Pari 1955 R...
Mehboob Kotwal
Mehboob Alam Kotwal (credited as Mehboob Kotwal or simply Mehboob) is a writer of Bollywood film ...
Hasan Kamaal
Hasan Kamal is a popular Indian lyricist and songwriter. He won the Filmfare Award for Best Lyricis...
Kapil Kumar
Kapil Kumar is a famous lyricist in Bollywood industry. some opf his works..... Films : 2019 - Gujarat 11...
Israr Ansari
Films : Music department : 2011 Monica (lyricist) 2005 Film Star (lyricist) 2005 Zameer (lyricist) 2003 Haasil (lyr...
Aditya Dhar
Aditya Dhar is an Indian writer, director and lyricist. He made his directorial debut with Uri: The Surgic...
Prayag Raj
Prayag Raj is an Indian actor , screenwriter , director , assistant director, and composer. Actor : 1948...
Vinay Dave
Vinay Dave is an Writer, Poet, Lyricist and Standup Comedy Performer. Some of his works.... Films : My De...
Saba Afghani
Saba Afghani given family name was Jamilur Rehman. He was born at Rampur in the state of Uttar Pradesh ...
Satyanshu Singh, Devanshu Singh
Satyanshu Singh : Satyanshu Singh hails from a family with a rich artistic background. He is from a s...
Hamza Faruqui
Hamza Faruqui, is an Versatile artist, singer, lyricist, live performer. some of his works.... Films/Albums : ...
Tanveer Ghazi
Tanveer Ghazi, an indian film Lyricist, Best-known for his work in the 2016 Amitabh Bachchan starrer Pi...
Tony Kakkar
Tony Kakkar is an Indian music composer, singer and songwriter . He is known for his songs "Co...
Vijay Sadanah
Vijay Sadanah is a Director, Producer and Lyricist of Bollywood industry, some of his works.... F...
Subrat Sinha
Subrat Sinha, a Lyricist, Writer for both TV and Hindi Movies Films : Writer : 2017-2019 Mere Sai (TV...
Sunil Jha
Sunil Jha is a Music Composer cum Lyricist, some opf his works .... Films : Composer : 2020 Dil Kar R...
Kafeel Azhar
Kafeel Azhar, is an well known Lyricist cum Writer of Bollywood IFilm ndustry. Films : Music Department ...
Gopal Singh Nepali
Gopal Singh Nepali (11 August 1911 – 17 April 1963) was an Indian poet of Hindi literature and a ...
Faizan Hussain
Faizan Hussain is a music composer works with Agnel Roman, some of his works ..... Composer : 2018 Th...
Agnel Roman
Agnel Roman is an Indian composer/Lyricist/Singer, who has scored for Films, Ads, TV, Documentaries, Shor...
Taabish Romani
Taabish Romani is a famous Lyricist cum Actor in the Bollywood industry Films : Music Department : 2012 Mere Dos...
Nitin Raikwar
Nitin Raikwar is an Bollywood well known personality of the new indian Cinema, some of his works.... Fil...
Vithalbhai Patel
Vithalbhai Patel (21 May 1936 – 7 September 2013) was an Indian poet, lyricist, and senior congre...
Madan Pal
Madan Pal is known for Kahaani Gudiya Ki...: True Story of a Woman(2008) ,Ehsaas - The Feeling(2001) an...
Inderjit Hassanpuri
Inderjit Hassanpuri, born as Inderjit Singh Kharal, was a well known songwriter/lyricist, producer, and writer...
Kidar Sharma
Kidar Nath Sharma, also Kedar Sharma (12 April 1910 – 29 April 1999), was an Indian film director, ...
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma is well known for his works in Bollywood Film Industry, some of his contributions.... Film ...
Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Arko Pravo Mukherjee is an Indian singer-songwriter working in the Bollywood film industry since 2012...
Prateek Kuhad
Prateek Kuhad is an Indian singer-songwriter and a musician who makes independent music. He ha...
Ravi Basnet
Ravi Basnet is an emerging lyricist in the Bollywood industry Films : Music department : 2019 Coat (lyric...
Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay
Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay, is a eminent lyricist in the Bollywood Films : Music department : 2019 Comm...
Shevan Rizvi
Shevan Rizvi, was a renowned lyricist in Urdu, Hindi movies. Films : Music department 1972 Ek Bar Moo...
Palash Sen
Palash Sen is an Indian singer, songwriter, musician, composer and actor best known as the founder ...
Ravindra Rawal
Ravindra Rawal is a very famous lyricist in the Bollwood industry, some of his works, Films : Music ...
Pandit Narendra Sharma
Pandit Narendra Sharma (28 February 1913 – 12 February 1989) was an Indian writer, poet and lyric...
Nasir Faraaz
Nasir Faraaz is an Urdu Poet and Bollywood Lyricist. Films : Music department 2017 Kaabil (lyricist)...
Rahi Masoom Raza
Rahi Masoom Raza (1 August 1927 – 15 March 1992), born in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India, was an Ur...
Yogesh Gaud
Yogesh Gaud commonly credited as Yogesh (born 19 March 1943) is an Indian writer and lyricist. He w...
Ramesh Pant
Ramesh Pant is popular Music director and lyricist Films : Writer : 1992 Isi Ka Naam Zindagi (dialogue...
Pt. Rammurthy Chaturvedi
Pt. Rammurthy Chaturvedi is a very popular versatile artist cum lyricist. Some of his notable works...
Nazim Panipati
Nazim Panipati (1920 – 18 June 1998) was a film song lyricist and a film script wri...
P.L. Santoshi
Pyarelal Santoshi (alternately credited as P.L. Santoshi) (1916–1978),was a producer, director, writ...
Faruk Kaiser
Faruk Kaiser (6 June 1918 - 10 November 1987) was an Urdu poet and a renowned lyricist in India, making a ...
Zia Sarhadi
Zia Sarhadi, (1914 in Peshawar, North West Frontier Province – 27 January 1997 in Karachi, Sindh) was a P...
Prabha Thakur
Prabha Thakur, is an Veteran Song Lyricist in The Hindi Film Industry. Some of his works are, Films : Chalte Chalte I...
Pt. Vishweshwar Sharma
Pt. Vishweshwar Sharma, famous writer cum lyricist in Bollywood Industry. Films : Music department : 1992 Panaah ...
S.P. Kalla
S.P. Kalla worked for very few movies in Bollywood Film Industry, some of them are, 1958 - Gouri Shankar 19...
Shahab Allahabadi
Shahab Allahabadi is a very famous lyricist cum Producer of Bollwood Film Industry. Music department: ...
Sanjay Masoom
Sanjay Masoom is known for his work in the Bollywood industry, on Gunday (2014), Krrish (2006) and Kaabil ...
Sandeep Nath
Sandeep Nath is a Lyricist,Composer,Screenwriter, Director and Producer in Bollywood. He started ...
Neeraj Shridhar
Neeraj Shridhar (born 1978) is an Indian film composer and singer-songwriter who was the lead vocalist of Ind...
Mir Ali Hussain
Mir Ali Hussain ia a popular film Lyricist of Bollywood Films : Music Department : 2015 Rainbow (lyric...
Govind Moonis
Govind Moonis was a veteran film writer and director, popularly known for his work in the Hindi and Bho...
Sudhakar Sharma
Sudhakar Sharma(January 23, 1955 in Haryana, India), walked to Mumbai when he was at the end of his teens. He...
Rajkavi Inderjeet Singh Tulsi (born Inderjeet Singh Judge, 2 April 1926 - 11 May 1984), was a celebrated ...
Panchhi Jalonvi
Panchhi Jalonvi is a Bollywood Lyricist, very famous for the movies, " Nehle Pe Dehla", "Dus Kahaniyan". Films : ...
Kulwant Jani
Kulwant Jani is very famous in Bollywood Music Composer and Lyricist. Films : Music department : 1998 Ghar Bazar...
Jan Nisar Akhtar
Jan Nisar Akhtar (18 February 1914 – 19 August 1976) was an 20th century Indian poet of Urdu ghazal...
Tanvir Naqvi
Syed Khursheed Ali, pen name "Tanvir Naqvi"(06 Feb 1919 - 01 Nov 1972), Tanveer Naqvi"s lineage traces back to a f...
Dina Nath Madhok (22 October 1902 – 9 July 1982) was a prominent lyricist of Bollywood in the 1940s to 196...
Kaif Irfani
Kaif Irfani is an Bollywood film Writer, Singer and Composer, some of his works., Films : Music : ...
Anwar Sagar
Anwar Sagar is an Bollywood film Writer, Composer and an Singer. Some of his works., Films : Music depar...
Shamsul Huda Bihari (S. H. Bihari) (1922-1987) was an Indian music director, songwriter and poet whose work ...
Noor Dewasi
Noor Dewasi is known for his work on Aag Aur Daag (1970), Kismat (1969) and Maha Badmaash (1977). Films : Ly...
Maya Govind
Maya Govind is an ardent Hindi poetess and song lyricist. Along with her lyrical skill, she is also...
Priya Saraiya
Priya Saraiya is a playback singer and lyricist in Bollywood. She is also a live stage singer for Bollywood ...
Chaitanya Varma
Chaitanya Varma is known for Entha Vaaralainaa(2019) ,Desamlo Dongalu Paddaru(2018) and Abbayitho Ammayi(2016). F...
Rakendu Mouli
Rakendu Mouli is known for his work on Rakshasudu (2019), Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo (2016) and Moone Moonu Varthai (201...
Bheems Ceciroleo
Bheems Ceciroleo is an Indian music composer, lyricist, singer, and director who is best known fo...
Suddala Hanumanthu
Suddala Hanumanthu was a noted Indian poet of the mid 1900s. He wrote songs like "Palleturi pill...
Gollapudi Maruthi Rao
Gollapudi Maruti Rao (14 April 1939 – 12 December 2019) was an Indian film actor, screenwrite...
Vaibhav Shrivastava, more popularly known as Vayu, is a Bollywood lyricist and composer, who h...
Mithun Sharma (born 11 January 1985), also known as Mithoon, is an Indian Hindi film music director...
Piyush Mishra
Piyush Mishra (born 13 January 1963) is an Indian film and theatre actor, music director, lyricist, si...
Rahat Indori
Rahat Indori (born 1 January 1950) is an Indian Bollywood lyricist and Urdu language poet. He is also a for...
Ibrahim Ashk
Ibrahim Khan Gauri (born 20 July 1951) is an Urdu poet, journalist, actor and film lyricist. He wri...
Sandeep Srivastav
Sandeep Srivastava is a writer and actor, known for Ab Tak Chhappan (2004), Kahaani (2012) and Shivaa...
Sayeed Quadri
Sayeed Quadri( 3 October 1965, Jodhpur, India ) is an Indian poet and lyricist who works in Bollywood....
Sanjay Chhel
Sanjay Chhel is an Indian film director, writer and lyricist. Sanjay Chhel was born on 14 October 196...
Jalees Sherwani
Jalees Sherwani was an Indian screenwriter and lyricist. His first appearance was in the film "Ka...
Kausar Munir
Kausar Munir is an Indian lyricist and screenwriter in Bollywood. She was born and brought up in Bandra, M...
Mehboob/Mehboob Kotwal
Mehboob Alam Kotwal (credited as Mehboob Kotwal or simply Mehboob) is a writer of Bollywood fil...
Faaiz Anwar
Faaiz Anwar is an Indian poet and lyricist who has written songs for popular movies including Dil Hai Ke Man...
Nusrat Badr
Nusrat Badr is a lyricist, of 817 songs 108 films working mostly on Bollywood movies as songwriter...
Mayur Puri
Mayur Puri is an Indian screenwriter, lyricist, actor and filmmaker working in Mumbai. He...
Prasoon Joshi
Prasoon Joshi (born 16 September 1971) is an Indian lyricist, screenwriter, poet and marketer...
Rashmi - Virag
Rashmi Virag is the screen name of Rashmi Singh and Virag Mishra, an Indian lyricist-duo active...
Manoj Muntashir/Manoj Shukla
Manoj Shukla, also known as Manoj Muntashir (born 27 February 1976 as Manoj Shukla), is an India...
Kumaar is the screen name of Rakesh Kumar, an Indian lyricist active in Bollywood cinema. Some of his ...
Ravindra Jain
Ravindra Jain (28 February 1944 - 9 October 2015) was an Indian music composer, lyricist, playback...
Santosh Anand
Santosh Anand (Hindi:संतोष आनंद) is an Indian lyricist who attained success...
Shailendra (30 August 1923 – 14 December 1966) was a popular Indian Hindustani lyricist, music a...
Qamar Jalalabadi
Qamar Jalalabadi(9 March 1917 – 9 January 2003),was an Indian poet and lyricist of songs for Hindi m...
Kaifi Azmi
Sayyid Athar Hussain Rizvi, known as Kaifi Azmi, (14 January 1919 – 10 May 2002) was an In...
Hasrat Jaipuri
Hasrat Jaipuri, born Iqbal Ahmed (15 April 1922 – 17 September 1999) was an Indian poet, who wrot...
Saawan Kumar
Saawan Kumar Tak (born 9 August 1936) is an Indian film director, producer, and lyricist. H...
Shakeel Badayuni
Shakeel Badayuni (3 August 1916 – 20 April 1970) was an Indian Urdu poet, lyricist and songwriter in Bollywood...
Sameer Anjaan (born 24 February 1958) is an Indian lyricist, writing predominantly Hindi songs in ...
Goreti Venkanna
Goreti Venkanna (born 1963) is a popular Indian poet and folk singer. He became popular after ...
Chirravuri Vijay Kumar
Chirravuri Vijay Kumar is an Indian film Lyricst, who has worked predominantly in Telugu movie indust...
Sree Jo
Sreejo is a Telugu singer, Writer, Lyricist and Photo enthusiast. He works mostly in Telugu industr...
Shabbir Ahmed
Shabbir Ahmed is an Indian bollywood lyricist and music composer . He was nominated for the Lyricist of th...
Abbas Tyrewala
Abbas Tyrewala is an Indian film screenwriter and director. After making his mark as a screenwriter and d...
Rajashri (31 August 1934 – 14 August 1994) was a famous dialogue and lyrics writer and Music direct...
Asad Bhopali
Asad Bhopali (10 July 1921 – 9 June 1990) was an Indian Hindi-Urdu Poet and Lyricist. The Encycl...
Javed Akhtar
Javed Akhtar (born 17 January 1945) is an Indian political activist, poet, lyricist and screenwr...
Yogesh Gaur
Yogesh Gaur commonly credited as Yogesh (born 19 March 1943) is an Indian writer and lyricist. He wrote so...
A. M. Turaz
A.M. Turaz is an Indian poet, lyricist, and script writer. He has worked in television, music albums and ...
Raj Shekhar
Raj Shekhar is an Indian lyricist. He made his Bollywood debut as a lyricist with the 2011 film Tanu Weds Manu...
Jaideep Sahni
Jaideep Sahni (born 1968) is an Indian screenwriter, songwriter and creative producer, who wrote the screenplays...
Neelesh Misra
Neelesh Misra (born 5 May 1973) is an Indian journalist, author, radio storyteller, scriptwriter and lyri...
Gulshan Bawra
Gulshan Kumar Mehta, popularly known by his pen name Gulshan Bawra (12 April 1937 – 7 August 2009), was an In...
Verma Malik
Verma Malik (13 April 1925 – 15 March 2009) was a Bollywood film songs lyricist. He was an activ...
M.G. Hashmat
M. G. Hashmat was a lyricist and script writer in Indian films. He worked mostly in Bollywood movies as so...
Naqsh Lyallpuri
Jaswant Rai Sharma (24 February 1928 – 22 January 2017), popularly known by his pen name Naqsh Lyallpuri, was an ...
Shreeraj Kurup
Shreeraj Kurup, is a poet and lyricist from India. He is known for writing the lyrics of Mujhme Hindi Cover of ...
Rajendra Krishan
Rajendra Krishan Duggal (6 June 1919 – 23 September 1987) also credited as Rajinder Krishan, was an Indian poet,...
Swanand Kirkire
Swanand Kirkire (born 1972) is an Indian lyricist, playback singer, writer, assistant director, actor and dialogue w...
Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Raja Mehdi Ali Khan(1928 - 29th July, 1966) was an Indian poet, writer and lyricist., born at Jhelum District of Pa...
Irshad Kamil
Irshad Kamil (born 5 September 1971) is an Indian poet and lyricist. His songs appear in Bollywood films ...
Hasan Kamal
Hasan Kamal is a popular Indian lyricist and songwriter. He won the Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist in 1985 for the title song ...
Shyamalal Babu Rai, known professionally as Indeevar (1 January 1924 – 27 February 1997 ) was one of the leading ...
Anvita Dutt Guptan
Anvita Dutt (born 20 February 1972) is an Indian dialogue writer, screenplay writer, story writer and lyricist for Bollywood fil...
Sampooran Singh Kalra (born 18 August 1934), known popularly by his pen name Gulzar and also Gulzar Saab, is...
Nida Fazli
Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli, known as Nida Fazli (12 October 1938 – 8 February 2016), was a prominent Indian Hindi ...
Prem Dhawan
Prem Dhawan (1923–2001) was an Indian lyricist, music composer, choreographer and actor of Bollywood known for h...
Aditya Dhar
Aditya Dhar is an Indian writer, director and lyricist. He made his directorial debut with Uri: The Surgical Str...
Surabhi Dashputra
Surabhi Dashputra is an Indian singer and lyricist, who works in the Bollywood entertainment industry. Career Dashputra appe...
Amitabh Bhattacharya
Amitabh Bhattacharya is an Indian lyricist and playback singer of Bengali origin from Uttar Pradesh who works in B...
Santosh Anand
Santosh Anand is an Indian lyricist who attained success in the 1970s and earned the Filmfare Award for Be...
Varikuppala Yadagiri Goud
Varikuppala Yadagiri Goud is a well known singer, music director and lyricist in the Telugu film industry. He is from Nizamabad ...
Jaladi Raja Rao
Jaladi Raja Rao (9 August 1932 – 14 October 2011) was a versatile writer, playwright and lyricist in Telugu cinem...
Kosaraju or Kosaraju Raghavaiah or Kosaraju Raghavaiah Chowdary (23 June 1905 – 27 October 1987) was a Telugu poe...
Palagummi Padmaraju
Palagummi Padmaraju, shortly P. Padmaraju (24 June 1915 – 17 February 1983) is a Telugu writer and winner of Sahitya A...
Balijepalli Lakshmikantam
Balijepalli Lakshmikantam or Lakshmikanta Kavi (23 December 1881 – 30 June 1953) was an actor, poet, screenwr...
Chandala Keshava Dasu
Chandala Keshava Dasu (20 June 1876 – 14 May 1956) is the first lyricist in the history of the Telugu Film Indu...
Srinivas Avasarala
Srinivas Avasarala is an Indian film director and music director, screenwriter, dialogue writer, actor and televisio...
Bheems Ceciroleo
Bheems Ceciroleo is an Indian music composer, lyricist, singer, and director, who is best known for his works ...
Chinni Charan
Chinni Charan is a lyricist, singer and music director known for his work in Telugu movies. He also directed a mo...
Ramana Gogula
Ramana Gogula, is an Indian singer, songwriter, musician, music director and producer of world music...
Malladi Ramakrishna Sastry
Malladi Ramakrishna Sastry (16 June 1905 – 12 September 1965) was an eminent Telugu writer.Their family has settled in Bandar ...
Kasarla Shyam
Kasarla Shyam, In his Journey of 30 years in the field of Entertainment on stage, T.V. Films, starting from 1984...
Pingali Nagendrarao (29 December 1901 – 6 May 1971) was a Telugu movie script writer, playwright and lyricist...
Jonnavithula Ramalingeswara Rao is an Indian film lyricist and a poet, known for his works in Telugu Cinema. He is a...
Kosaraju or Kosaraju Raghavaiah or Kosaraju Raghavaiah Chowdary (23 June 1905 – 27 October 1987) was a Telugu p...
Vempati Sadasiva Brahmam
Vempati Sadasiva Brahmam shortly Sadasiva Brahmam (1905 – 1968) was a writer of film stories, dialogues and...
Shreshta is a Telugu-Cinema first female lyricist and writer. She became popular for her lyrics for the songs in the movies, Pel...
Lakshmi Bhoopal
Lakshmi Bhoopal is an Indian film Lyricist, who has worked predominantly in Telugu movie industry. Lakshmi Bhoopal ...
Dasari Narayana Rao
Dasari Narayana Rao (4 May 1947 – 30 May 2017) was an Indian film director, producer, screenwriter, dialogue ...
Sri Sri
Srirangam Srinivasa Rao (30 April 1910 – 15 June 1983), popularly known as Sri Sri,was a Telugu poet and lyri...
Devi Sri Prasad
Devi Sri Prasad (born 2 August 1979) is an Indian music composer, lyricist, singer, and director. He i...
Sri Mani
Shree Mani, also known as SriMani is an Indian Lyricist well known for his works in Telugu Cinema and ...
Daasarathi Krishnamacharyulu
Krishnamacharyulu, popularly known as Daasarathi, also spelled as Daasharathi (1925–2019) was a Telugu poet...
Krishna Chaitanya
Krishna Chaitanya is a Telugu lyricist, writer and director. He mainly works as a lyricist for the Telugu film industry, debuted...
Dr. Kandikonda (born 13 October 1973) is an Indian film lyricist, known for his works in Telugu cinema. Kandiko...
Samudrala Junior
Samudrala Ramanujacharya, also known as Samudrala Junior (1923 – 31 May 1985) was an Indian film screenwriter, a...
Samudrala Senior
Samudrala Raghavacharya (19 July 1902 – 16 March 1968), also known as Samudrala Senior, was an Indian film screenwr...
Devulapalli Venkata Krishnasastry
Devulapalli Venkata Krishnasastri (1 November 1897 – 24 February 1980) was a Telugu poet, playwright an...
Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar is an Indian lyricist predominantly works in Telugu cinema. He worked for more than 125 films and penne...
Suddala Ashok Teja
Suddala Ashok Teja (born 4 April 1954) is a popular lyric writer in Tollywood. His song Nenu saitam written for T...
M.M. Keeravani
Koduri Marakathamani Keeravaani, better known as M. M. Keeravani, is an Indian film music composer...
Bhuvana Chandra
Purnananda Prabhakara Gururaju, Penned name Bhuvana Chandra is an Indian lyricist, renowned for his work...
Vennelakanti Rajeswara Prasad
Vennelakanti Rajeswara Prasad is an Indian film lyricist, known for his works in Telugu Cinema. He is also known f...
J. K. Bhairavi
J. K. Bhairavi(Sudarshana Bhattacharya) is an Indian film, writer, lyricist, playback singer, composer, actor, ...
Ramajogayya Sastry
Ramajogayya Sastry Darivemula (born 24 August 1970) is an Indian film lyricist, known for his works in ...
Mani Gopal , popularly known by his pen name, Vanamali, is a Telugu lyricist and poet. He is the recipient of t...
Chandrabose (born Kanukuntla Subhash) is an Indian lyricist who writes songs for Tollywood films. He was al...
Veturi Sundararama Murthy
Veturi Sundararama Murthy (29 January 1936 – 22 May 2010), popularly known as Veturi, was a Telugu writer mostly popular for h...
Ananta Sriram
Ananta Sriram is a songwriter who predominantly works in the Telugu film industry. Sriram has written lyrics for 990 Telugu film...
Dr. C. Narayana Reddy
Cingireddy Narayana Reddy (29 July 1931 – 12 June 2017), better known as C. Narayana Reddy, was an award win...
Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry
Chembolu Seetharama Sastry (widely known as Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry) (born 1955) is an Indian ...
Acharya Aatreya , Kilambi Venkata Narasimhacharyulu (7 May 1921 – 13 September 1989) was an Indian poet, scenarist, playwrigh...
Bhagavatula Sadasiva Sankara Sastry (31 August 1925 – 4 June 1998) was an Indian author, poet, lyricist, translator, pu...
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Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana
Nookula Chinna Satyanarayana
Northeast Retreat 2009
O.S Arun
O.S. Arun
O.S. Thyagarajan
Oleti Venkateswarulu
Omana Kutty
P. Sujith Kumar
P. Susheela
P. Susheela, Hirok, Ramakrishna
P. Susheela, P. Leela
P. Unnikrishnan
P. Unnikrishnan, Chitra
P. Unnikrishnan, K.S. Chitra
P.B. Sreenivas
P.B. Srirangachari
P.S. Iyer
Padma Narayanaswami
Padmalochana Nagarajan
Padmashree Padmaja Joglekar
Padmavathy Nagarajan
Palghat Raghu
Pallavi Chintapalli
Pandit Jasraj
Pandit Ravishankar
Pandit Ronu Majumdar
Pankaj Udhas
Pantula Rama
Papanasanam Ashok, Ramani
Parvathy Raman
Parveen Sultana
Patnaik R.P
Pattabhirama Pandit
Pavan Amma
Pavan Krishnamurthy
Pavan Krishnamurthy, Madhav SBSS
Pavan Krishnamurthy, Sandeep Menon
Phalguni Mitra
Phil Scarff
Prabha Atre
Prabhav Tella
Prahlad Cielappa
Prahlad Cielappa, Subbu Sankaran
Pranav Ghatraju
Prasad (Students)
Prasanna Venkataraman
Prashanth Desai
Prashanth Girish
Prashanth Lade (Mesa Sai Center, Arizona)
Prashanth Lade, Hemanth Kumar
Prashanthi Punnamaraju, Ramya Ganesh
Prashanti, Rukmini Sivarajan, Kavita
Prathapan Thiru
Prathapan Tiru
Pravin Godkhindi
Prayudh Naduthota
Prema Hariharan
Prema Srinivasan
Prince Rama Varma
Priya Sisters
Prof. NR
Pt. Baldev Raj Verma
Pt. Jitendra Abhiseki
Pt. Narasimhulu
Pt. Shivkumar Sharma
Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Zakir Hussein
Pt. Ulhas Bapat
Punya Srinivas
Purnachandar, Srinivas S.
R S Mani
R. Atul Kumar
R. Ganesh, R. Kumaresh
R. Krishnamurthy, Padma Krishnamurthy
R. Meerabai
R. Nithay, R. Vidya
R. Vedavalli
R. Vijayalakshmi, R. Chitra
R.K. Srikantan
R.K. Suryanarayana
R.N. Thyagarajan
Raaga Srimadh Bhagavatam
Radha Jayalakshmi
Radha Parthasarathy
Radhika Bhaskar
Raghavan Manian
Raghavendra, Chitra
Raghavendra, K.S. Chitra
Raghu Madyastha
Raghunath Seth
Raj Parthasarathy
Raj Parthasarathy, Uday Panchal
Raja Reddy
Raja Reddy and Group
Rajan Mishra, Sajan Mishra
Rajesh Vaidya
Rajesh, Anuradha Sriram
Rajesh, Nanditha
Rajesh, Sujatha
Raji Gopalakrishnan
Raji Subramaniam
Raji Subramanian
Rajkumar Bharathi
Raju Soundararajan
Ram Bollapragada
Rama Jagannath N.
Rama Ramaiah
Rama Ravi
Ramakoti Raju
Raman B. V, Lakshmanan B. V
Ramana Gogula
Ramana Gogula, Suneetha
Ramana Kotamraju
Ramana Kotamraju, Subbu Sankaran
Ramanathan S
Ramesh Iyer
Ramesh Nayak
Ramh S. P
Ramh S.P
Rami Malhotra
Ramki Tirur
Ramnad Krishnan
Ramu Bollapragada
Ramya Ganesh
Ranjani Sharma
Ranjani, Gayatri
Rashid Khan
Rasika Murali
Rasika Murali, Geetha Murali
Ravi Datla
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Shankar, Vani Jayaram
Ravi Sundar
Ravi Teja
Ravi Tharakaraman
Ravi Varma
Raviraj Nasery
Region I
Region I Pilgrimage
Region I USA
Region I YAs
Richa Sharma
Rita Rajan
Rohith Iyer
Roopak Changkoti
Roshan and Amritha (Mesa Sai Center, Arizona)
RS Mani
Rudrapatnam Brothers
Ruk Ra
Rukmini Ramani
Rukmini Sivarajan
rUpaka Rukmini Ramani
rUpaka S Ramanathan
Rushi Thanawala
Rushi Umang Thanawala
S P Ra
S P Ramh
S P Viswalingam
S Ra
S Rajam
S Ramanathan
S. Janaki, Jeyachandran
S. Janaki, Mano
S. Kalyanaraman
S. Kugabalasooriar
S. Kumar
S. Kumar, Srikanth Vaidyanathan
S. Prasanth
S. Ramanathan
S. Rangarajan
S. Shashank
S. Sowmya
S. Sowmya, Shashi Kiran, Sriram Parasuram
S. Srinivasa Iyengar
S.P. Balasubramanyam
S.P. Balasubramanyam, Chitra
S.P. Balasubramanyam, K.S. Chitra
S.P. Balasubramanyam, P. Susheela
S.P. Balasubramanyam, Rama Jagannath N.
S.P. Balasubramanyam, S.P. Sailaja
S.P. Balasubramanyam, Sunitha
S.P. Balasubramanyam, Vani Jayaram
S.P. Ramh
S.R. Janakiraman
Sadhana Sargam
Sadhujag, Sis. Vaidehi
Sagar, Sumangali
Sai Kiran Murthy
Sai Kiran Murthy, Girish Haran
Sai Kiran Murthy, Prasad Ramanan
Sai Kiran Murthy, Sunder Iyer
Sai Kishore
Sai Krishna
Sai Krishna Kugabalasooriar
Sai Krupa
Sai Kumar
Sai Madhan Mohan Kumar
Sai Mahima Cielappa
Sai Mirpuri Music College
Sai Priya
Sai Srinidhi Datla
Sai Students
Sai Subramaniam
Sai Surya Bhajan Group
Sai Symphony Boston, Aditya Kalavagunta
Sai Symphony Boston, Bharath Datt
Sai Symphony Boston, Bharath Datt, Aditya Kalavagunta
Sai Symphony Boston, Kumar S
Sai Symphony Boston, Kumar S, Srikanth Vaidyanathan
Sai Symphony Boston, Madhav SBSS, Aditya Kalavagunta
Sai Symphony Boston, Sai Subramaniam
Sai Symphony Boston, Srikanth Vaidyanathan
Sai Symphony Boston, Students
Sai Symphony Boston, Venkatesh Iyer
Saigayan Kugabalasooriar
Saikrishna Kugabalasooriar
Saikrishna Kugabalasoriar
Saikrishna Ravikanti
Sailaja S.P
Sailaja S.P, Mano
Sailaja S.P, Rajeshwari
Sailaja S.P, Susheela P
Saish Gunturi
Saish Gunturi
Saish Gunturi, Swarup Swaminathan, Abhinav Thirunagari
Saishree Ramalingam
Salem Gayathri
Samir Rao
Samuel Sandweiss
San Diego
San Diego YAs
Sandeep Bharadwaj
Sandeep Menon
Sandeep, Sujatha
Sandhyavandanam Srinivasa Rao
Sangeeta Krishnan
Sangeetha Shivakumar
Sangeetha Sivakumar
Sanjay Subramanyam
Sanjay Uchil
Sanjay Uchil and Co
Sanjeev Borbora
Sankara Iyer
Sankaran Namboodiri
Sankaran Nambudri
Sankaran T.V
Sankaranarayanan T. V
Sankari Krishnan
Sankari Natarajan
Santosh Pai
Saraswathi Sadhujag
Sarojini Coopan
Sasih Gunturi
Sat Ti Yam
Satguru Sa
Sathish Mohan
Sathya Meenakshi
Sathya Murali
Satish Nalwade
Satish Prakash
Sattur Sisters
Satya Vellore
Savaitha Narasimhan
Savithri Khemraj
Sayeesh (Sai Students)
Sayeesh, Prashanth Lade, Hemanth Kumar, Subbu Sankaran
Seergazhi Jayara
Seergazhi Jayaraman
Seerkazhi Govindarajan
Seeta Rajan
Seetha Duraiswami
Seetha Rajan
Seetharama Sarma
Selam Sriram
Selvi, Keerthana
Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer
Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, M.S. Subbulakshmi
Seshampatti Sivalingam
Seshampatti T. Sivalingam
Shakir Khan
Shankar A. Iyer
Shankar Mahadevan
Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra
Shankar Mahadevan, K.S. Chitra
Shankar Mahadevan, Radhika
Shantanu Dixit
Sharada Panchagnula
Sharon Sandweiss
Shilpi Paul, Hindole Majumdar
Shivkumar Kalyanaraman
Shobha Menon
Shobhana Rangachary
Shrewsbury Ladies and Gents
Shreya Ghoshal
Shreya Ghoshal, Amitabh Bachchan
Shreya Narayanan
Shreyas Narayanan
Shyam Kumar
Sikkil Bhaskaran
Sikkil Gurucharan
Sikkil K. Kuthuhalam
Sikkil Mala Chandrasekhar
Sikkil Sisters
Sis. Dhaniya
Sis. Kani
Sis. Maga
Sis. Nishanti
Sis. Sabithan
Sis. Sai Priya
Sis. Sathisha
Sis. Shalina
Sis. Usha
Sis.Dhaniya, Sis.Maga
Sis.Maga, Sis. Usha
Sis.Sai Priya
Sis.Sai Priya, Bro.Kani
Sita Raman Bala
Sonu Nigam
Sonya Jhaveri
Soundarya Bhajans
Soundarya Ganesh
Southfield Singers
Sowmya S, Shashi Kiran
SPS Disci
SPS Disciples
Sreevalsan Menon
Sri Satya Sai Baba
Sri Vidyabhushana
Sridhar Akbote
Sridhar Prasad
Sridhar Ravichandran
Srikantan R. K
Srikanth Vaidyanathan
Srikanth Vaidyanathan, Kumar S
Srikanth Vaidyanathan, Subbu Sankaran
Srikanth Vaidyanathan, Swarup Swaminathan
Srikanth Vaidyanathan, Swarup Swaminathan, Akshay Navaladi, Abhiram Gunturi, Subbu Sankaran
Srikumar M.G
Srinivas E
Srinivas Eeyuni
srinivas raghavan
Srinivas Rao
Srinivas Vandemataram
Srinivasa Raghavan
Srinivasan Puliyur
Sripada Pinakapani
Sriram Gangadharan
Sriram Parasuram
Sriram Parthasarathy
Sriram Parthasarathy, Madhu Balakrishnan
Sriram Ramgopal
Sriram Sankaran
Sriranga Iyengar
Srirangam Iyengar
Srirangam Krishnamurthy
Srirangam Krishnamurthy Rao
Srirangam R. Kannan
Srisai Seethamraju
Srivanchiyam Ramachandra
Sse Boston Imresponsible_Mod
Sse Boston Whosincharge_Mod
SSE Children
Stephen G
Students Alumni
Subashree Sundaram
Subba Rao
Subbu Krishnamurthy
Subbu Sankaran
Subbu Sankaran, Madhav SBSS
Subbu, Ravi, Srikanth, Madhav
Subbu, Ravi, Srikanth, Madhav SBSS
Subhashree Ramachandran
Sudarshini Ramakrishnan
Sudesh Bhosle, Alka Yagnik
Sudha Raghunathan
Sudha Raghunathan, Kalyani Menon
Sudha Raghunathan, Ranjani Ramakrishnan
Sudha Vadrevu
Sudhakar Parth
Sudhir Rao
Suganda Kala
Suganda Kalamegham
Sugandha Kala
Suguna Purushotham
Suguna Varadachari
Sukhwinder Singh
Suma Sudheendra
Suman Seethamraju
Suman Sridhar
Sumeet Tappoo
Sumithra Vasudev
Sumitra Guha
Sumitra Nithin
Sunam Gyamtso
Sunanda Sharma
Sundaram Group
Sunder Iyer
Suneetha Sarathy
Sunita Adaval, Sunita Razdan
SuperSinger Ajeesh
SuperSinger Ravi
SuperSinger Ravi, Hari Brothers
SuperSinger Ravi, Harini
SuperSinger Ravi, Renu
SuperSinger Renu
SuperSinger Renu, Karthik
Suresh Mohan
Suresh Mohan (Vocal), Abhinav Thirunagari (Vocal), Swarup Swaminathan (Piano), Rasika Murali (Violin)
Suresh Sharma
Suresh Talwalkar
Suresh Wadekar
Suryanarayana Murthy
Suseela Ramaswami
Susheela P.
Susheela P., Mano
Susheela P., Vani Jayaram
Sushil Motwani
Sushila Ramaswami
Sushma Rao
Swarnalatha (Illayaraja)
Swarup Swaminathan
Swarup Swaminathan, Abhiram Gunturi
Swarup Swaminathan, Abhiram Gunturi, Subbu Sankaran, Akshay Navaladi
Swarup Swaminathan, Akshay Navaladi, Abhiram Gunturi, Subbu Sankaran
Swarup Swaminathan, Saish Gunturi, Abhinav Thirunagari
T M Krishna
T P Vaidyanathan
T V Ramprasadh
T. Hiroto
T. Lakshmikanth
T. Rukmini
T. S. Seethalakshmi
T. Sasidhar
T. Unnikrishnan
T. Viswanathan
T.K. Rangachari
T.M. Krishna
T.N. Krishnan
T.N. Krishnan, Dr. B. Rajam
T.N. Krishnan, TVG, THK
T.N. Krishnan, Viji Krishnan, Sriram Krishnan
T.N. Seshagopalan (TNS)
T.R. Ganapathy
T.R. Mahalingam
T.R. Subramanyam
T.S. Sankaran
T.V. Hari Haran
T.V. Ramachandran
T.V. Ramanujacharyulu
T.V. Sankaranarayanan (TVS)
Tamilnadu Balvikas
Tanjor Kalyanaraman
Texas YAs
Thanjavur K.P. Sivanandam
Thanjavur K.P. Sivanandan
Therazhandur Srinivasachari
Therazhundur Srinivasachari
Thirumegam Brothers
Thiruvengadu Jayaraman
Thoppoor Sairam
Thrissur Brothers
Thurayur Rajagopala Sharma
Tippu, Chitra
Tippu, Harini
Tippu, K.S. Chitra
Tirchur Ra
Tirupati Sai Center
Tmt Psn
TNS Raman
Trichur Ra
Trichur Ramachandran
Trichy Sadguru Samajam
Trichy Satguru Sa
Trichy Satguru Samajam
Triguna G
U Srinivas
U. Sriniva, U. Rajesh
U. Srinivas
U. Srinivas, Shivamani
U.P. Raju
Uday Panchal
Uday Panchal, Raj Parthasarathy
Udayalur Kalyanaraman
Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik
Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal
Udit Narayan, Sneha Pant
UK Sai Group
Uma Badri
Uma, Radhika
Unnikrishnan Odukatur
Usha Tirur
Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan
V. Doraswamy Iyengar
V. Kumar
V. Kumar, Ravi Kumar
V. Nalinakanthi, V. Sivaranjani
V. Pradeep Kumar
V. Sivaranjani, V. Nalinakanthi
V.K. Raman
V.L. Thulasi Viswanath
V.M. Harishankar
V.R. Dileep Kumar
V.R. Ghantasala
V.R. Ghantasala, P. Susheela
V.V. Ravi
Vaigai Gnanaskandan
Vaigal Gnanaskandan
Vanathi Raghuraman
Vandana Toreti
Vani Jayaram
Various Aritsts
Various Artists
Various Artists (Illayaraja Composition)
Vasanthakokilam N. C
Vasumathi Badrinathan
Vasundara Rajagopal
Vedaranyam Vedamurthy
Veena Ganeshan
Veena, Rajesh Vaidya
Veenai S. Balachandar
Venkat Nedunuri
Venkatesh Iyer
Vidyanand Desibhatla
Vidyanand Desibhatla, Srikanth Vaidyanathan
Vidyanand Desibhatla, Subbu Sankaran
Viishno (SSSBC B Klang children)
Vijay Anthony
Vijay Prakash
Vijay Sai
Vijay Siva
Vijaya Gunturi
Vijaya Murthy
Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam
Vijayalakshmi Viswanathan
Vijayraghava Rao
Vikram Anand
Vikram Hazra
Vine Seshanna
Violin Ensemble
Visalakshi Sridhar
Vishnu Varada
Vishwajeeth Borwankar
VL Janakiraman
VR Krishnan
VV Subramanian, VVS Murari
Wasifuddin Dagar
Wesleyan Students
Whistle Wizard Siva Kumar